First, I won’t be the first to tell you that CREATING your OWN REVOLUTIONARY business is not a piece of cake. It takes creativity, imagination, time, dedication, reflection, a sense of understanding of the evolutionary needs, business acumen and many other skills and traits.

Also, it takes a period of “trial and error” through developing and modifying your system to gain the knowledge and expertise needed to be a successful entrepreneur. riccardo annandale 7e2pe9wjL9M

In your start-up, you are responsible for establishing all your system including a business plan, investment strategy, marketing plan, operating procedures, expanding a customer base, cultivating vendor relationships, etc. It is also up to you to recognize your accurate direction and to adjust yourself with the appropriate resources that will save you significant time, energy and money.

Through a co-active approach to coaching – which means that the agenda is driven by your goals only, not by a preset curriculum – you make faster and meaningful progress towards efficient results, multiply your time and money, grow your sense of purpose and impact in the world. I am YOUR confidential and objective advisory board – a professional ally who is 100% on your corner.

Furthermore, the ongoing support you’ll receive from this program can never be underestimated. As a coach, I cannot succeed and prosper if YOU aren’t doing the same. Therefore, there is a built-in drive within me to guide you towards your vision and provide support when necessary.