Life Transition

You are in transition. Moving from one job to another. From being single to being married. From being an adult to being a parent. From being in a relation to being single again. From being an employee to being a business owner. From being in one part of town to being on the other side of the world.

Whatever it is you are transitioning from or to, it is definitely taking a whole lot of adaptive skills.dawid zawila 279998

People deal with transition periods differently. Even the ones that are celebrated come with a huge amount of stress, confusion, overthinking and anxiety.

You might be someone that would want a pause during this time to identify your values. You might be someone that want to regain control of your mind and shift that anxiety into a comfortable ease.

No matter the type of the tension this transition period is putting you through, KNOW that you can learn new adaptive skills and proceed with the next step of your life with more ease, joy and glory.