Relationships & Dating

The purpose of life is to love: to give love, to receive love, to express love, to experience unconditional love, to learn self-love and healthy ways of loving others. You might be going through a bad cycle of dating, or even finding it hard to connect with someone dateable.alex iby LaHo9Set3bI

You look around you to see successful partnerships but you can’t get passed the first few dates. Maybe you are a sensitive person who smothers their partner until you are rejected or abandoned. Maybe you are wondering if something is wrong with you that keeps repulsing potential partners.

Maybe you have forgotten what it really means to have a partner since it’s been so long you haven’t dated.

You are definitely fed up with loneliness, self loathing and pity. You have done that enough in it made you feel worse then you already do. 
It’s time for you to shaken things up a bit, reconnect with the fun soul inside of you and get yourself out there again with a radiating joy and confidence.