Sometimes some relationships are better ending than saving. When a couple decides to separate, it can be harder done then said. You might have a business or other common interest that bind you together. You still have important friendships or family relationships that may be impacted by the breakup.clever visuals BbNBL9ZdxW0

One of the partners can be hesitant about the relationship and trying to decide if you should try again. You find it difficult to set healthy boundaries with your Ex. Your relationship is over and now you’re in an undefined “situation-ship” with your Ex. You are getting pressure / judgment from your family and friends about why you can’t just “let it go.”

Maybe, your relationship ended in infidelity, or was a failed affair. You might feel intense anger towards your Ex, and no idea how to forgive. If you are so consumed with pain that it’s hard to focus on work or life, you will start to wonder if you’ll ever be able to trust (let alone love) again.

Your self esteem has been crushed and you don’t know how to rebuild yourself. You want to launch a healthy new chapter of your life, but don’t know how to create it.