It’s absolutely normal to feel insecure in our relationship at different stages.

Often, one or both partners are in discomfort, fearing abandonment, or worried about sustainability.

Some of us are afraid of being dependent on someone we love, or of being too attached to whom we care about because of past disappointments; we become too suspicious or distance and self-reliant despite the fact that we are truly dying for love. These personal experiences create stress and tension in the relationship and prevents the couple from truly connecting.nik shuliahin 251237

Does it seem familiar to you?

Can you see yourself and/or your partner in these descriptions?

If so, then you are suffering from insecurity, yet the path to undoing those awful experiences of the past are very rewarding.

As an experienced, compassionate and insightful couple’s therapist, I can help you and your partner understand, breakdown and reconstruct the walls you’ve built so you can experience greater connection, security, intimacy and trust in your relationship.

Break FREE from this blocked cycle by understanding each other’s wounds and healing together.